Modified Mind

120 Minutes

Running Time

Listening to Modified Mind again, it seems incredibly moody to me. I love the pace of this mix. Although it’s a bit slower and steadier than my previous mixes, it pops with massive amounts of creative crunch. The sheer intensity of some of the moments in this journey really amazes me. Moments that are the sweet result of that wonderfully saturated and multi-layered Madoka sound. Modified is truly organic in that sense…and that’s a very cool thing.

I think the two new Madoka originals “This Story Is Old” and “Our Heritage” fit perfectly into the mix as well. Listen closely for some real time Madoka vocal bits in there, courtesy of my beautiful, beloved UltraLite (R.I.P. as of 2012) audio device.

Boarding Pass

proton radio

August 3, 2006