A Cure for Loneliness

Prior to compiling A Cure for Loneliness, I rarely wrote any music out of symbolic necessity, however, the songs on this album gradually evolved into meaningful works and the end result was constructed to reflect some actual relevance to my daily experiences.

Written and tested over two years, each song on Loneliness creatively represents a specific moment in my life. This curious connection led me to materialize the idea of presenting these eight songs as a full album.

Loneliness became my virgin attempt at creating a full-length record. I feel I was successful in developing the songs into one consistent sound, telling a complete, compelling story. I remain excited about the prospect of writing a second album at some point in the future. To me, this record lays the foundation for shaping the extended vision of my ‘Saturated Sound.’ This may be a solid guarantee for any long-term Madoka fan.


  • Featured: “Strata” and “Greenhouse” on Madoka’s Purpose promo mix – 4/29/2007
  • Featured: “This Story Is Old” and “Our Heritage” on Madoka’s Modified Mind promo mix – 7/30/2006


  • cat#: MMM007
  • Released on August 31, 2007
  • Written, produced by M. Venneri
  • Mixed, mastered by M. Venneri
  • Recorded at MetaStudio II
  • Artwork: Window 83 by MetaGraph
  • Private Reality Music (ASCAP)
  • Ⓒ 2007 Metamotional Music