Full-length Albums
Metamotional Music
Future Unwritten Cover

Future Unwritten

The Future Unwritten EP showcases two new originals from Madoka. On “Future Unwritten,” Madoka turns in a stomping, big room return to musical form. While vibe here is subtle and smooth on “Future Written.”
speak for yourself cover

Speak For Yourself

Speak For Yourself is a fresh and focused, steady and slow-building collection of new material from Madoka.
Element 118 Cover

Element 118

Madoka unearths the heaviest element with super heavy, saturated drums, atomic chords, and heady strings.
While The Lights Are Out Cover

While the Lights Are Out

Madoka returns to his big room roots with this rumbling monster. The Dub has a darker tone, with the main melody removed.
beacon dubs cover

Beacon (DC Dubs)

To satisfy more minimal tastes, Madoka eliminates the pads, melodies, and bassline of the original Beacon EP songs with two new dubs.
beacon cover


Madoka returns with deep, dark and dirty ‘Second Room’ sounds. The new EP kickstarts the next chapter of Metamotional Music.
Remix One Cover

Remix One

A curated collection of eight artist remixes taken from the first chapter of the Metamotional and Private Reality story.
cure for loneliness cover

A Cure for Loneliness

Written and tested over two years, Madoka presents his first full-length album.
my thinking machine cover

My Thinking Machine

Madoka returns under his Leroy Carroll guise to produce a deep and buzzy three-song EP.
Lost Again Cover

Lost Again

Madoka explores his tech-driven and experimental House side project under the name Leroy Carroll.
moment of truth cover

Moment of Truth

Satoshi Fumi warmly recalls a blissful 90’s Techno sound with a funky, shuffling groove and a surprising ethereal drop. Fumi’s good friend, Osamu M, contributes to the package with a techy remix.
drift cover


What more can be said about this beauty? “Drift” remixes were featured in DJ sets and compilations including Mo Shic’s February 2003 BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix and paired with the amazing Roel H. remix.
Elektrix Cover


Three pieces come to you courtesy of Madoka’s Clerk 33 outfit. From the throbbing, rumbling bass and sharp rhythms of “Elektrix” to the understated tone of “Hydraulix,” the set references a variety of electronic styles.


I think it’s time for something different! MTTM is the flagship release for Metamotional Music. The two songs signal a stylistic departure from Madoka’s typical big room tendencies, exploring a deeper musical direction.
Private Reality Records
Frangy Cover


Before joining Private Reality, Japanese producer Satoshi Fumi had already been quietly setting his musical direction. On Frangy, his chunky, funky beats pair old-school piano keys with layers of synth stabs and atmospheric pads.
paz cover


Spanish duo Clubbervision offers Paz, featuring idyllic sounds that contrast vintage Balearic sensibility with its sharp, raw drums. Madoka elevates the original by adding massive modulations, pulsating effects, and silky vocal bits to his remix.
Embedded Cover


Madoka turns in an ethereal builder reminiscent of bygone techno years. The song perfectly captures those 90’s Rave day emotions. One of Madoka’s personal favorites.
Designate Cover


Roel’s debut on Private Reality Records. “Designate” rolls along smoothly, while “As You Wish” tells a deeper, darker tale. Both songs showcase an amazing talent, with the sound of these big room builders.
getting closer

Getting Closer

Getting Closer is a collection of deep, techy, moody cuts with seven beautifully orchestrated songs. Each piece draws inspiration from warm, wonderful, early ’90s House music vibes.


“Without a doubt the biggest peak time track to emerge from Madoka’s studios yet.” – Simon Jones


“Unforeseen” was Private Reality’s first song released by an artist other than Madoka. Cascading sounds shine, shimmer, and glitter above tough, banging beats for an ecstatic build-up experience. Madoka strips it down even further with his “Blindsided” remix and manages to maintain the integrity and flavor of the original to complete a great package.
distant memories cover

Distant Memories

Standing as Private Reality’s most acclaimed release, “Distant Memories” is somber yet elegant. A pounding foundation prevails under percolating arpeggiation, shimmering strings and silky vocal stabs. Includes a powerful Matthew Dekay remix.
Mass Cover


“Madoka gives us yet another taste of symphonic bliss. It’s beautiful music. The melodies alone take this to new heights.” – Chloe Harris
coppola cover


Madoka’s Coppola EP was the much-anticipated debut 2002 release that relaunched Private Reality Records and won early support and fans for the label.
Confessions of a DJ Cover

Confessions of a DJ

The project that started it all! 500 copies of the EP were printed, self-distributed and sold by Madoka and promoted at the 1999 Miami Winter Music Conference with the help of a good friend.

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