Feels Like This

Mixed by Madoka | 112 Minutes
Recorded on August 16, 2006

I originally recorded Feels Like This exclusively for Jacksonville promoter Patty Hyun for her birthday. I had such a fun time playing The Atlantic in Jacksonville Beach, Florida earlier this spring, I wanted to make a special mix as a free giveaway at her August 23 party. 25 CD-R copies of Feels were distributed during The Atlantic gig on August 23, 2006, in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

Feels Like This is a much deeper experience than my most recent mixes and, as usual, has some really powerful moments. Some of my favorite spots? “Beans and Cornbread” (45:20), the groove on Rhythm & Sound’s “Free For All,” filters hitting (79:08), Tenaglia tech at (94:39), and finally, (106:50) — going back to my old skool house roots. I grew up with this sound. I’m sure you’ll discover all of your moments as well — so let me sleep forever!