First Time Static

70 Minutes

Running Time

First Time Static is a lush set I recorded as both my Jun. 2007 promo mix and also exclusively for DJ and producer Chloe Harris for her return to internet radio. Her show Further debuted on Jun. 23, 2007, on Grooveradio and had an amazing line-up planned for the first several editions. I wanted to truly keep this mix deep. I also completed the saturated sound of this mix by incorporating a ton of unique FX and went a bit heavy on the vocal bits to help tell a more interesting story.

I also have so many great classics in my digital box that I finally had the opportunity to fit some into this set with the Planet Assault Systems and DBX gems from the mighty Peacefrog label. The PiCi joint on here gets my vote for one of my favorite tracks in the mix. Also, if you like the Timewriter cut from this mix, I strongly recommend you get yourself a copy of his latest album Soulstickers. The entire album is amazing, as usual.


June 23, 2007