Speak For Yourself

Speak For Yourself is a fresh and focused collection of new material from Madoka. The journey begins with the somber “Around You” then dives deep with “Home Again,” “Gradient,” and “Touch.” “Dismantle” strips away the cozy vibes with its driving bassline and anthemic horns before the album peaks with the trance-inflected, bottom-crushing “Anvil.” Finally, “Element 118” unloads saturated drums, atomic chords, and spaced out strings.


  • cat#: MMM012
  • Released on March 2, 2017
  • Written, produced by M. Venneri
  • Mixed, mastered by M. Venneri
  • Recorded at MetaStudio V
  • Artwork: Start Over by MetaGraph
  • Private Reality Music (ASCAP)
  • Ⓒ 2017 Metamotional Music