“Coppola – A massive, melodic, Sasha-styled progressive houser.”

Pezz / 3 Beat Records

Madoka’s Coppola was the much-anticipated debut 2002 release that relaunched Private Reality Records and won early support and fans for the label.

While “Coppola” was critically picked as the stronger of the two offerings, through time, “Temperamental” has been frequently considered the more emotional journey which quietly made its way onto a variety of DJ charts and CD compilations at the time.


  • REAL12002
  • June 1, 2002


  • Written, produced by M. Venneri
  • Mixed, mastered by M. Venneri
  • Recorded at MetaStudio I
  • Artwork: Celebration by MetaGraph
  • Private Reality Music (ASCAP)
  • Ⓟ & Ⓒ 2002 Private Reality Records


  1. Coppola
  2. Temperamental