Anonymous Source

Anonymous Source Cover

I felt inspired to elevate my Saturated Sound and create a set that was a complete departure from the dancefloor. Anonymous Source is for sitting back, diving deep and exploring.

Life Unfolds

Life Unfolds Cover

“The idea that we live in four dimensions should not be surprising to you.” — Neil deGrasse Tyson

Shape and Dimension

Shape and Dimension Cover

As my first new mix of 2014, I used a few new techniques to creatively change things up a bit for myself, including live instrumentation, heavier sampling, and more granular synthesis.

Dedicated, Not Duplicated

Dedicated Not Duplicated Cover

It’s exciting to see techno making a comeback, returning to the dark emotions of its roots. After experiencing some amazing parties recently, several top DJs have reinvigorated and inspired me as an artist. This mix honors those DJs.

The Village

The Village Cover

The Village is a deep, tech-driven offering with several interesting twists and turns as well as a few ‘Madoka Clouds’ for good measure. The mix was recorded exclusively for the Frisky Radio Loves NYC feature on Frisky Radio.

Live at Endo-Exo

Live Performance Cover

Although partially a live recording from Endo-Exo in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, the set was re-recorded back in NYC based on the original sounds from the August 8, 2008, party. Yes, that’s a 08-08-08 party!


Resurrekted Cover

Bliss Tech at its FINEST! Resurrekted is a bouncy but steady story that evolves into a twisted, tribal, techno monster before finally sliding into a stark musical abyss.

Life at Midnight

Life At Midnight Cover

To me, Life at Midnight is sublime. The transitions between songs sound incredibly smooth.

The Second Room

The Second Room Cover

Clocking in around three hours, the more I listen to The Second Room the more I realize this particular story can actually be divided into three 1-hour increments and still sound like three individual mixes.

First Time Static

First Time Static Cover

First Time Static is a lush set I recorded as both my Jun. promo mix and also exclusively for DJ and producer Chloe Harris for her return to internet radio.

Live at Departure

Live Performance Cover

Unreleased live recording from Lifeball 2007 party (Vienna, Austria).


Purpose Cover

Purpose is my twisted April 2007 promotional mix. It’s considerably brooding at times, turning absolutely deep, dark, dirty and downright fierce towards the back half!

Another Hour

Another Hour Cover

Another Hour is a dark club mix, exploring a more subtle, deeper path.

Yesterday’s Gone

Yesterday's Gone Cover

I sat down to create Yesterday’s Gone with specific emotions already floating around in my mind. I recorded several killer mash-ups prior to making the full mix and incorporated two of those into this mix.

Live at the Atlantic

Live Performance Cover

This is the second of two live recordings from the Atlantic in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

Feels Like This

Feels Like This Cover

I originally recorded Feels Like This exclusively for Jacksonville promoter Patty Hyun for her birthday. This mix was a free giveaway at her August 23 party.

Modified Mind

Modified Mind Cover

Listening to Modified Mind again, it seems incredibly moody to me. I love the pace of this mix. Although it’s a bit slower and steadier than my previous mixes, it pops with massive amounts of creative crunch.

Live at the Atlantic

Live Performance Cover

This mix is the first of two unreleased live recordings from the Atlantic in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

8-Bit Hangover

8-Bit Hangover Cover

Clocking in at nearly three hours, 8-Bit Hangover tells an intimate story. A deeply rich first hour gradually gives way to a harder, darker, more tribal-infused second act.

Cause to Move

Cause To Move Cover

Cause To Move is a trippy, gliding mix recorded exclusively for Jonathan Ojeda’s Proton Radio show.


Aerosplice Cover

Aerosplice is a relatively House-oriented mix that strays into different directions. The mix perfectly captures Madoka’s spacious, big room production flair.