Life At Midnight Cover

Life at Midnight

To me, Life at Midnight is sublime. The transitions between songs sound incredibly smooth.

The Second Room Cover

The Second Room

Clocking in around three hours, the more I listen to The Second Room the more I realize this particular story can actually be divided into three 1-hour increments and still sound like three individual mixes.

First Time Static Cover

First Time Static

First Time Static is a lush set I recorded as both my Jun. promo mix and also exclusively for DJ and producer Chloe Harris for her return to internet radio.

Live Performance Cover

Live at Departure

Unreleased live recording from Lifeball 2007 party (Vienna, Austria).

Purpose Cover


Purpose is my twisted April 2007 promotional mix. It’s considerably brooding at times, turning absolutely deep, dark, dirty and downright fierce towards the back half!

Another Hour Cover

Another Hour

Another Hour is a dark club mix, exploring a more subtle, deeper path.